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About The Girl Backpacker

My name is Crystal Lynn Kamm, and I’m an adventure backpacker. But let me begin at the beginning. I was a very small child when I began to appreciate the outdoors. I remember a hike in the forest preserve with my mom when I was young, and it remains one of my most cherished memories of my childhood. That hike taught me to appreciate the beauty of a fallen tree as it gives life to other plants and trees through its rotted shell, the coolness of the forest floor that is never exposed to the warmth of the afternoon sun, the intricacies of winding trails, the unexplainable sweetness of sunlight sifting through the forest canopy and falling in dappled bits around me… So many lovely little things about the woods were introduced to me at a young age that I came to relish the woods like a special treat, something I was afraid to seek lest it should lose its appeal.

The Girl Backpacker

It never did, however. As an adult, I’ve become much more involved in the woodland life, seeking refuge in the canopy and looking for peace among the ancient oaks or pines or birches of whatever forest I happen to have entered. My life of travel has not been as extensive as I would like it to be–yet–but I have the desire to set foot in every land of this world before I die. That being the case, I have a lot of travel ahead of me! In my mind, adventure backpacking isn’t just about travel or adventure, it’s also about union with nature. Until you disconnect entirely from the world, sleep on the ancient earth of the forest, and listen to the wild sounds of the night when you sleep, you have not understood nature.


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